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Handmade Cheese cutting baord with an attached wire cutter. The cutter is used by sliding a block of cheese under the cutting wire and pulling down the handle. Cut to desired thicknesses. Our Cheese boards are finished with our all natural furniture wax.


All the shaping and joinery are done completely by hand.





Cheese Cutting Board

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  • Suggested Care:

    Apply a new coat of your favorite wax approximately after every 3-4 cleanings. If you choose to use our furniture wax, apply our wax and allow to sit for at least 15 minutes then buff with a soft lint free cloth. The longer you let the wax sit on your board, the better the protection it will provide. We typically let ours sit for 2 to 4 hours or overnight, then buff vigoriously with a soft lint free cloth. This will provide added protection as it allows the oils from our wax to penetrate deeper in the wood and allows the wax to harden.

    Be sure to check out our all natural furniture wax and help protect your cheese board for many years to come.

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